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General taping for knee pain

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Kinesiology Tape

Have you been wondering what the bright coloured tape is that the top sports stars, such as Mario Ballotelli and Novak Djokovic, have been wearing recently when competing?


Taping movements, not muscle

Kinesiology tape improves athletic performance by reducing muscle fatigue. Unlike conventional tape, which constricts blood flow, Rocktape (brand of tape I am now certified to use and who I am trained by), lifts skin away from the muscles which increases blood flow. It also helps support the muscles which helps prevent fatigue. The tape stretches just like your skin and can be worn anywhere or anytime. It can also be used as a postural support for common problems such as lower back pain and tight shoulders.


Benefits of Kinesiology Tape

  • Rehabilitation
  • Edema control
  • Sports performance
  • Pregnancy
  • Postural control


I am now a certified practitioner and Rocktape can be incorporated as part of a treatment or a stand alone item following an assessment.

It comes in many different colours and patterns, such as Union Jack, skull & cross bone, bio hazard, cow print and bright block colours.

The principles behind kinesiology taping work alongside Tom Myers Anatomy Trains theory.


For more information visit rocktape.net.